Flexible Financing

Reimagine The Way You Purchase IT

The demand for innovation and agility from IT is at a fever pitch. IT has to look beyond business as usual funding approaches. Assets need to be measured by how well they contribute to business goals and fund new projects. Explore the options that are immediately available and learn how to thrive in the new business landscape.

Create financial vitality.

Get the technology you need and do more with your IT budget. By eliminating upfront investments you free up your budget for additional projects that will drive your business forward. Budget flexibility give you the freedom to move quickly, stay agile, and maintain confidence that your business is always ready for what’s next.

Any tech. Anytime. Anywhere.

Unlock the value of your entire IT estate with innovative, sustainable strategies that ensure your assets and financial plans align to your business goals. Make your IT investment a force multiplier—not a stumbling block.

Payment Deferral

Acquire now and pay later. Take advantage of 90-day delayed payment structure to help ease tight budgets.

No payments for up to 90 days, followed by 36 low monthly payments.

Qualifying transactions start at $5,000 and are available globally where ever financial services are sold.

Subsсription Program

Subscribe to complete IT solutions for affordable, predictable monthly payments, so you can focus on business priorities.

Select a complete solution from pre-defined options that include hardware, software, and worry-free support services for a predictable monthly subscription fee.

Transition Solutions

Retire and recover value from your aging IT infrastructure, move locations, and manage any transition.

Ease your transition from old to new IT.

Trade-in your older equipment, any brand, with the potential to recover value through cash back from resale. We will evaluate your asset’s value based on current market demand.

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